Sunday, August 19, 2007

My First Blog

OK, If I can blog, so can you. This is fun. I just now took this picture and uploaded it to this site so you can see how easy it is. And I have dial up.
Now that I have a blog site, I'll have to think of things to put on it. So check back for news from Diane/Mom/Grandma. M&M thanks for the inspiration. I love your site. Love Grandma Diane
Becca & Ryan here is what the lamps look like. I couldn't figure out how to rotate the picture once I got it on the blog, so you'll have to rotate your heads. I hate the shade, so I'm looking for a different shade for it. What do you think, a silk purple one, or white. Do you want to get your own lamp shade. let me know. Love Mom


  1. i can't believe you figured it all out on your are you so computer savy!??? i'm so excited you made doesn't take much to inspire you!!! fun this will be now...great brainiac..

  2. Hi Mom...great job. It will be fun to check on every once in while. I love the different colors.


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