Friday, January 25, 2013

Lynn Witty, this is for you

For you Lynn, a little about My Family today  (minus music and singing)
This is my daughter Kim.  I live with her in her Townhouse.   What can I tell you about Kim.  Well she has an amazingly even personality, but she is mostly a very private person.  She leaves you guessing, but she is really easy to live with.   She loves her family and friends and spends as much time as she can with them.

This is my oldest son Matt with two of his children.  He lives in Summerville, South Carolina, has a beautiful and smart wife and four children.  Matt is a project Manager for Ryland Homes.  He and his family are very active and involved in their Church.  His family is the best and I miss them.
This is my youngest daughter, Raquel.  She married a farmer and lives very close to me in Gilroy, CA.  She has three children and she loves people and helps anyone who needs it.  She is a great cook and loves crafts.  She is also busy with Church activities.
Marty is fourth in line and he and his wife and three children live in St. George, Utah where he practices law.  They both run marathons and are involved in their Church.
David is 2nd to youngest.  He is very creative and fun.  He lives and works in San Francisco.  He is close enough to visit now and then.  I would love to see him more.
Ryan is the youngest and he lives in Murray Utah with his wife and two children.  He manages a Truck Rental place for Enterprise.  Ryan is very family oriented and active in Church too.

My description of my family is kind of plain and uninteresting, but when we get together, we are dysfunctional in a very fun way.    I'm not good with words, but there is no shortage of them when we are together.  We do get together once a year and spend a week at Lake Almanor and It's what I live for.
I'm really thrilled to have connected with you and I love the idea of having family.  You are so far away and I will probably never meet you face to face, but I hope we keep in touch.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

 We got our tree up.  It's really a tomato cage wrapped in lights.  Kim saw it on Pinterest and we thought it was perfect for our space.  (it looks like I have a dirty camera lense, sorry)

Seriously, we have had these pillows forever.  I never really liked them, but they keep popping up every year.

Merry Christmas everyone.  

Thursday, December 13, 2012

 Where do I begin.  I wanted to post my trip from Thanksgiving, but it's such old news and I put some pictures on Facebook because there was a problem with my blog.  I guess it's been fixed by blog spot.  When I got back from Utah, there was a very big pile of work on my desk, but when I tried to input it into my computer, my computer gave up.  I finally got my boss to buy a new computer, but he wanted to order it on line instead of going to Best Buy and just buying it.  So I still don't have a computer.  I've been working on his computer at his home.  I can't describe the problems there, but it's been such a headache.  So that is the short version of why I havn't posted lately.  The long version would be so boring.  I first want to post pictures of Kim's new back patio.  
This is what it looked like before.  The framework underneath was so rotted that when you walked on it, it felt like you were walking on a Trampoline.
Here's what it looks like now.  Kim and Her Dad put it together.  It has a sand base with some kind of sand that you add water to after it's in the joints and it hardens.  
Kim designed it and Lee showed her how to install it, and she did a lot of the work herself.
It is so nice to walk out and not feel like a drunken sailer.  Good Job.
The last rain we had brought with it a bumper crop of mushrooms.  Everyone has them in their lawns and gardens right now.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

You have already seen some of these cute and creative grandcildren on Facebook, but I thought I would gather them into my blog.  Another Halloween came and went and not one person came to my door and said Trick or Treat.  I miss that.  I have to say I miss having my house to decorate too.  Wish I could have been at each of your homes to enjoy the holiday.  So here is the parade:
Pumpkins always start the Holiday Season.  I love them and I love to cook with them.  Pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, roasted pumpkins.  yum!
Guess Who

Can Can Girl Luci
These Bony Goblins are Liam, Ruby, and Charlie.  Charlie did his own makeup in case you were wondering.

Lydia is a cat (I think) and Emma is a laughing lady bug.  Have you ever seen a picture of her that she is not laughing.?

I think this is the most original and creative costume.  You win the prize Samantha.  You are amazing.
Even Can Can girls need their Beauty Rest.  Sweet Dreams Sweet Lulu.   

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

See What Charlie learned from Betty Bunny

Thanks for the pictures Mindy.  He is an amazing boy

I just liked this picture.  Pumpkins now days are not just orange.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's going on here

This is Kim's little kitchen and this is about all the working space there is.  You can see that Kim is painting her cupboards, one cupboard at a time.  I love the color.  It's in the same colorwork as the walls, but just a different intensity. 
Saturday, I made a lot of peanut brittle.  Last year I made my Christmas money selling peanut brittle at the Barn.  I started in November.  I'm starting early this year because I could use more money.  Like everyone else, I rasied my prices from $3.75 a bag to $4.50 a bag.  The cost of sugar and peanuts went up.  It's really yummy and it's good for you.  It has peanuts in it. 

I also made a lot of spaghetti sauce.  I took advantage of a truckload of tomatoes that spilled out onto the road.  It's my own recipe.
Just some basil and tomatoes, salt and pepper. 
I froze a bunch
I also made a Tomato Pie (recipe on Pinterest).  It's easy and so good.  Kim who usuall says that dinner was good or nothing at all said, "That was really really good"
I finished my wreath.  I made a mistake on the bottom part and had to cover it up with the white bow because I didn't have enough ribbon roses.  I like it anyway.  

 I also loved Women's Conference.  I'm going to watch it again today.  It was a very productive day.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The First Day of Fall

#77 Anthony Bonino, Defensive Tackle and Offensive Left Tackle for the Christopher High Football Team got his bell rung on Friday night.  He's OK, but I secretly worry anyway. 
It's Harvest time and LJB has plenty of Harvest


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