Sunday, February 24, 2008

Here I am at one of my many birthday dinners. This was a milestone birthday for me because I am now drawing on my Social Security. How crazy is that. Look at us. We are all looking a little worn around the edges. I'm the oldest in the group. My parts are wearing out faster than my friends. Although Jackie's eyes wore out before mine. My knees are wearing out more than theirs. And Nancy, well she looks good, but there is something on the inside that has worn out, I'm sure. I also got taken to dinner by Kim and Raquel and Russ, Lunch by my new boss, and dinner with my visiting teacher. I'm done now, no more birthday dinners. I did get cookies from Ruby and they were delicious.
Every morning when I'm getting ready for work, Iris comes in and gets in the sink and I turn on the water a tiny bit and she gets herself a drink. She is truly fascinated by water and loves to watch in run. She tries to catch the drips in her paws. Iris reminds me of all the dumb blond jokes. I'm pretty sure she is empty headed. One thing she does that causes me to yell at her and chase her is she grabs a ball of yarn and heads for the bed. She takes it under the bed where I can't get to it and so I have to pull the end and unravel it to roll it back up. Why is that so much fun for her, I don't know.
Jeremy got to sing a solo in his school play. This is his onstage wife. She looks good, but we don't know anything about her. Jeremy loves to sing, and he has a very good voice. He mostly loves to sing rock songs. Anthony was in charge of the lighting for the play and he did a smashing good job. And he looked really cool up on his platform.
Just thought you might like to see what today is like here in Northern CA. As you can see we have rain in a big way. It's suppose to rain all week. Next weekend it will clear up and warm up just in time for M & M and family to pay us a visit. I wanted to put some more pictures of Lucy in this week, but she has excema really bad and she doesn't want her picture taken. It's a girl thing I think.

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