Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Touring in SF with D & V

I did not know that SF had tree lined neighborhoods with beautiful mansions. I thought any mansion in SF would be a pent house apartment. Saturday I was invited to David and Vanessa's place and we spent the afternoon at the upper crust of SF. David often landscapes in this area so he knew his way around the rich and famous. I was taking the pictures while he was driving. With a digital camera and it's delay problem, It was hard to get good pictures. We saw Danielle Steeles Mansion which took up a whole city block, but I missed getting a good pictures, plus it was so big I don't think it would be possible to get a good pictures. We saw Robin Williams house, but it wasn't that impressive. Just an upper class home that needed painting. There was one house that had merry-go-round full size horses in each window. I got a picture of one of the windows. Well anyway, here is the tour.

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