Saturday, September 27, 2008

Out with the Old and in with the New.....again

I had my couch recovered this summer so I thought that you would like to see what it looks like. I love my couch and didn't want to get a new couch, but it was getting really worn and the cushions were really flat. So I decided to get it recovered. Recovering is good because you get to pick the fabric you want and it is bad too because you have to pick the fabric you want. There were so many colors and patterns and textures to pick from. I wanted something that would last and that would be classic, but not too boring. It was really hard to pick the fabric. I also wanted to restructure the couch a little and not have the big cusions in the back which never seemed to stay where they were suppose to stay. Anyway.... This is what I ended up with. I bought some small feater pillows and Raquel recovered them for me to put on the couch. I would really like to do my chair next, but it is not cheap to do so it will have to wait while I put away a little money here and there until I have enough. Raquel thought the couch looked very formal and It sort of does, and I don't like formal, but I like my couch. I have to like it since I'm not going to be able to recover it for a very long time.


  1. I love your new couch's very comfy!

  2. I

    good job! i think it looks awesome.....and glad you got rid of the back cushions/pillows

    Raquel did great !!
    I'm am always so impressed with her that she c an just whip it up


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