Friday, November 28, 2008


Some of the things I'm thankful for this year. I'm thankful that we are all mostly healthy and happy, and that we all have jobs with incomes I'm thankful for grandchildren that are doing what they should be doing, For Jeremy's sense of humor, and that Anthony is willing to help me when I need him I'm thankful that Lucy let's me play with her and put her to bed without a fuss I'm thankful for Lydia's beautiful smile I'm thankful that Ruby calls me and tells me about her dayand I'm thankful for Liam's overwhelmingly loveable personality, he's the best. I'm thankful that Allie loves college and her roommates I'm thankful for Jake and for remission and good medicine I'm thankful for Travis and I can't wait to beat him in Monopoly I'm thankful for Samantha's emails and her very happy sunny disposition. OK, and I'm thankful for Max, he's a good dog, never bad. I'm thankful for the love that my family extends to me and to each other. I'm thankful for a loving Father in Heaven, and that he loves me and all of us. We are blessed!!! Thanksgiving went way too fast. Thank you Raquel for doing most of the work. She's a real grownup now because she did Thanksgiving. The Bonino's were there with both grandmothers, and Russ's brother and his aunt and Kim and I. Raquel cleaned, baked, and worked her fingers to the bone and it was worth it. I did forget my camera, so no pictures of the feast. But trust me it was memorable. We had a barbecued turkey and a deep fried turkey. Both of these ways of cooking your turky are well worth it. First of all, the turkey cooks a lot faster, and it is very moist and deliceous. Raquel made two kinds of stuffing, one of which she baked in a squash that looked suspiceously like a pumpkin except that it was green and stripy. She told me the name of the squash, but I can't pronouce it or remember it. It was very very good too. There was a mashed sweet potatoes/regular potates kind of mixed together, salad, green beans cooked with garlic, tomatoes, and bacon, macaroni salad, raspberry pineapple jello thingy, rolls, and lots of condiments and other stuff. We started out munching on appetizers and after the dinner, we went to see "Four Christmases" which I do not recommend at all. It was crude humor at it's best. We came home and had pie; pumpkin pie, lemonaid pie, cheesecake, apple; all very good. Sometime during the feast Raquel mentioned that she wanted to hit the outlets at midnight. A big sale was on for Black Friday. So at the stroke of midnight, I picked her up and we got on the freeway headed towards the outlets. It was gridlock. We sat and sat and sat in heavy gridlock and finely got off the freeway and went to the outlets via a back road. Here are a few pictures of what we saw. It was really crazy. There was no parking, none!!! People were double parked and many were just sitting in their car waiting for a parking place or maybe for someone that was shopping. Some of the more popular stores had long lines just to get into the store. The lines were five hundred feet or more long. They showed signs in their windows that said 80% off everything in the store with free merchandise with purchases. The deals were good, but the lines were too long. I'm sure the people that were there were planning on shopping all night. I dropped Raquel off at a few stores and drove around until she came out. It was not a tradition I want to keep for Thanksgiving. I feel that Christmas feeling coming on and it's time to turn up the volume on the Christmas music and start wrapping and decorating.


  1. I'm so glad your grateful for us! yeah! that sounds like quite a feast!!! wow....raquel you shouldn't have..! we needed to have been there, though we had too much to eat as it was..

    sounds like a ..hope you got some good deals!! love you thanx for posting!!!!!!! mindy

  2. oh ya and thanks for posting those pictures of fun!


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