Sunday, December 28, 2008


It's over and it was wonderful as usual. Christmas is so joyful and it's hard to understand how this yearly event can bring so much euphoria and happiness. I think it's the physical beauty, the decorations, the smell, the secrets, the music, the activities are all focused on bringing joy. Of course we get stressed because we are doing too much, spending too much, eating too much and we are exhausted, but of course it's worth it. I think another reason it is so joyful is because we serve more during this time of year. We try to focus on the teachings of the Savior more. The gifts we give to each other represent the gifts the Savior gave to us. When we give gifts to those we love, we put a lot of thought in to it. We ponder and think about what to give. We want it to be perfect and we want it to represent the love we have for that person. When we finally decide on the gift, we wrap it up and anticipate with excitement the moment they open the gift. And we that receive the gift are just as excited and when we open the gift and ponder the love that was wrapped up with the gift, it can only make us even happier and more joyful. This should not take away anything from the spirt of Christmas being the Savior's birth celebration because his gifts also represented his love for us. He is anxious for us to receive his gifts with the anticipation that we will love his gifts and understand the love he gave with them. I'm sure this is all part of the feeling of joy we experience at this time of year. It is for me. To my family and friends, a belated Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all of you.

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