Saturday, January 31, 2009


The Wicked Day finally arrived. In case you forgot, Kim, Raquel, and I got Wicked Tickets for Christmas. We went to a Matinee. I liked that because we weren't in the City after dark. The theaters are not always in the best part of town and it's easy for us to get lost. Opening night was the night before, so we saw the 2nd show. It was so wonderful. I loved the music and the costumes, the set, and the story. It was all fabulous. Galinda was our favorite. If you ever get a chance to see it, go. When we got to the city, were were driving around the theatre area looking for parking. We found a parking lot that said $15.00 for the whole day. We pulled in and the attendant showed us a slot to park in and he gave us a ticket to put in our dash board. We gave him a $20 and he went to get change. We never saw him again. We found one of those boxes where you are suppose to put your money in for parking with a sign that said not to pay anyone or give anyone your keys. We got ripped off first thing in the City. See what I mean. We went to lunch in a Vegetarian Restaurant and we all liked the food. Kim was adventurous and had a veggy burger, but Raquel and I had Salad and Soup. We went straight home after the play. Raquel and Lucy were pining for each other. It looks like I'm really much shorter than I am and that Kim is really much taller than she is but we were standing on a slant. I wish we would have switched places so I could look taller and she could look shorter.


  1. Kim looks like me whenever I take a picture with you guys.

    I'm glad you got to see Wicked. We LOVED it when we saw it. SO much better than the book.

  2. Di! i love your hair , it's so dark and sexy and perfect for your wicked night out!!!! I'm so jealous that everyone's seen it now practically but me....

    check out our blog, we udated!!! yeah.


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