Monday, May 25, 2009

Brown or White or ?????

I'm getting rid of pictures I don't want anymore, but I thought I would share this little brain hiccup I had. I got up one morning to get ready for work and I couldn't decide whether to wear my brown tennies or my white tennies so I tried them both on and then (I think my phone rang or somehow I got distracted) When I got to work, I didn't notice until about 10 am that I had both shoes on and that I had forgot to decide. I took this picture at work, of my feet, and my expression of my craziness. I'm OK, right? What do you think?


  1. I remember now that I did read this, but the computer was being so slow, I couldn't leave a comment. So here is my comment.

    Now I know where Ryan gets his forgetfulness and inability to multi task from. =) I wish I had seen you with mismatched shoes. Too funny.

  2. NOOOO YOU ARE NOT OKAY....i repeat...



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