Saturday, August 1, 2009


I really was a little surprised at how well the three babies played together. I thought there would be more domination/ territory problems and tears, but they pretty much enjoyed each other. It is really sad that they do not get to see each other more. It was really fun to watch them. Their little personalities were so sunny and sweet. Lydia is like sunshine on a cloudy day, and Liam is a solid hunk of sweetness, and Lucy is all sweet comedy and drama. It is such a blessing to have our family and the babies somehow made that more obvious. What could be more fun than gymnastics with the cousins. We pulled a mattress out of the bedroom and the little ones were tumbling, and jumping and doing summersaults until 10 pm. Lydia really thought this was fun and she was the star of the show. You can't go to Lake Alminor and not go to the Pine Shack and get a milk shake. Here is evidence that Lydia is all for this little excursion into Chester.

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