Saturday, December 5, 2009

Thanksgiving In Utah

Lydia has a lot of books. More importantly, she loves to share. Here we find her sharing a book with Auntie Allie. How wonderful to be wrapped in the arms of someone you love and sharing a story. Here is something I bet not all of you knew about Lydia, she loves to wear her mother's shoes. Especially Stilletos. She puts them on and then she steadies herself against the wall and then off she goes. She's pretty good at it too. I guess there are worse things than shoe fettishes. I just wish I could walk as well in high heels and look as good. Lydia, remember the big box of shoes I gave you when you were born. I told you then that you could never have more than enough shoes. I was right. I wish you were here to clomp around my house in whatever shoes you took a fancy to. Love you.


  1. Lydia got some boots for her birthday and that's all she can talk about!

  2. I love these pics of does she seriously walk in those shoes! it's amazing and very talented.... the one picture reminds me of what i'll look like in a couple days...she's gripping the wall and bending alittle like she's having back pain in labor....haha that will be me soon!

  3. i want those shoes! they would go great with the black dress i have....probably too big for me....but i guess that doesn't stop Lydia!


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