Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Call Me Grandma

Marty and Mindy sent me a plane ticket to come to Utah and meet Charley face to face and help celebrate Ruby's birthday. Here are a few pictures of my trip. We had a wonderful time. Utah has dinasauers, crazy hair styles, Temples, wonderful birthday parties, and some of my grandchildren. Thank you M&M.


  1. I LOVE you!! thanks for posting those great pics! Funny how my kids are all dressed in 'grandma' attire in every picture....thats how talented you are!!! I love you again .

    I am sooo glad you took time off work to come out. It was much needed for us...esp. the kiddos. charlie needed to meet his Gma.

    could you please post that pic of our family on the couch so i can copy it.... thanks...

  2. Mindy is such a cute mommy to 3. We're sad we didn't get to see more of you, but we're happy we got to see you at all. Love you!


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