Monday, May 31, 2010

spotlight on an artist.

When you step out of Raquel's door and look to the west, there is a scene that Russ has said over and over again that he loves to gaze on that scene, especially when the sun is setting. He kept trying to get someone to paint the picture of that view. For Christmas, Raquel painted this picture for Russ. It captures the view and the farm with pumpkins growing in one field and flowers in another. You can see LJB barn too. Who knew Raquel was a budding artist. I love the colors and the stylized country look. Like early american. Thought you would all like to see it too.


  1. We didn't know she could paint! But we're not surprised. She's so amazing at everything she does. What a thoughtful, beautiful gift!

  2. if Raquel has one more talent I am going to barf. ha ha ...seriously that is so great! she is incredible. I love it! tell her she is amazing and that is so sweet to do for Russ.

  3. ok ok girls! I'm not that amazing...i feel quite small in comparison to both of you girls in the "talented " catagory! But thanks! It was alot of fun to take a class and explore a new hobby:)


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