Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This and That

My son-in-law has a garden. Many men do I guess, but not like Russ's garden. Anyway, he brought me flowers from his garden and I thought I would show them off. What does Lucy do at Grandma's house? Well, sometimes we put on some music in the bedroom and we dance. Lucy likes Elvis. We love to bake. This time we baked a cake and then we ate it. If you don't have a napkin, you can use the tablecloth. It works. I'm pretty sure when Raquel was little, I would never have let her use the corner of the tablecloth to wipe her chocolaty lips on. When you are a grandma, the kids can go home to get retrained. We had a wonderful time at the Lake this year. Don't I say that every year? Well, that's because if we didn't have a wonderful time, it would be our own fault because there is peace, beauty, fun, family, joy, and food for the whole week. The only thing that would make it better is if Matt and Echo and their family came and we stayed for two weeks. Then it would be better. If you want pictures, you have to go to Mindy and Becca's blog because I didn't have a camera this year. I did steal this picture from Mindy's blog of their recent trip to Bear Lake with her family. I just couldn't help it. I love the joy in this picture. Checkout Marty and Mindy's blog if you want to see their trip to Bear Lake and Lake Almanor and their new family pictures. And check out Becca's "Thrilled by the Thought" if you want to have a running commentary on anything including her adventures as a host family to a foreign exchange student.

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  1. i love you for posting. those flowers are BEAUTIFUL. i want russ to send me some< that might be a bit awkward for raquel though i guess. how great to live in such a gorgeous place di. your really lucky to have them (bonino's) close to you and live in cali. what a great set-up. though we miss you terribly and wish you'd live by us! ha. luci is a doll and i love to see pics of her. you are such a good gma to let her wipe her choc. everywhere and to bake with her...ruby loves when you do that with her.! i just LOVE that pic of liam and ruby that you stole. marty captured it with the camera and it makes me smile to see their faces each time i look at it. love you


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