Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lidia's Italy

Do any of you ever watch the cooking shows on Saturday. Probably not because Saturdays are so busy. Once in a while I love to watch them and one of my favorites is Lidia's Kitchen. Lidia makes wonderful Italian food and I have even tried some of the easier recipes. Who doesn't love Italian food. Well, amazingly, LJB Farms got a call from the producer's of Lidia's kitchen and they wanted to film a segment from the Farm about garlic. They had called the Gilroy Chamber of Commerce to tell them they were interested in filming from a local farm and the Chamber people gave them LJB Farm's information. In some of these pictures Lidia is learning how to braid garlic. Garlic braids are sold at LJB and they are really nice. They have women there who do nothing but braid the garlic. The Bonino's loved Lida and had a lot of fun with the filming with her. Later she went with the group to the fields where the garlic is grown. I still can't believe that one of my idols was right here in Gilroy at LJB Farms no less. This all took place on a Sunday and so I was at church. I gave my camera to the Bonino's and told them to take some pictures. When I find out when the episode will be on, I will let you all know. In the meantime you should watch the show and make some Italian food. MMMMM

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