Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday I took Lucy to the "Pumpkin Patch". We put on our sweatshirts because it was foggy and cool and headed to San Martin. As we drove along we saw this big sign telling us that we had arrived. We paid our $3 for parking and drove through the cornfield to where we park. The anticipation was intense. Lucy was so excited. She wanted to ride the roller coaster. She talked about it all the way to the Pumpkin Patch. She assured me there was a roller coaster there. We looked everywhere and couldn't see one. I said, "there is no roller coaster". She pointed to the Merry-Go-Round and said," there it is". I tried to tell her that that was a Merry-Go-Round and she insisted that it was a roller coaster. She wanted to ride the Zebra, so here she is on the Zebra. The Merry-Go-Round AKA the roller coaster was a delight. It was crowded, but the crowd was well behaved and everyone was having fun. Lucy decided that she wanted to ride the pony's next so we got in line for the pony's. Who could have guessed that 45 minutes later we would still be in line? Lucy got bored, but she was determined to ride the ponies. The whole time we stood in line there was a little Chinese lady in front of us. I figured she was holding place for someone, maybe a grandchild. Well just as Lucy and I figured we were next about six little Chinese children squeezed in beside their grandma so we had to wait for three more turns. there were only two ponies so only 2 people could ride at a time. But Lucy did love the pony, even though you can't tell by the look on her face. Those poor little ponies were giving rides all day. When Lucy got off the pony ride she said, "I want wunch". We went to where LJB was selling their corn and they gave us corn and we got a hot dog. All that standing in line and walking around made us hungry. Lucy ate quite a bit of the corn and half the hot dog and I ate the rest. I have to say Lucy's dad and grandpa do grow the best corn. I'm already missing it and the season is not over. We rode this train around the pumpkin patch. There was a lot to see from the train. That's what I love about trains, they always take the scenic route. We saw some scarecrows out in the fields and along the track. We even saw a mummy scarecrow. I don't know what animal was with the mummy, maybe a mummy dog. We saw a big field of flowers that had more scarecrows in it and we saw some cows made out of wood. They just stood there in the Flowers, never moving. Poor things. Lucy felt sorry for them too. She mooooed at them as we pass by them. She waved at the scarecrows. She was so funny. All the people on the train were waving at people standing around the fence. I'm assuming they were relatives because they were shouting names and waving. So Lucy waved at everyone too. She felt so popular. we went back one more time to ride the Merry-go-round. This time we rode a bejeweled reindeer. Lucy said giddy-up horsey. Reindeer....horsey, who cares. It was so fun. Then we went home feeling pretty good about the day. On the way out we saw this very sad Sunflower. In the spirit of Halloween, her eyes and mouth had been pecked out. I wonder if the birds did it


  1. looks like so much fun! that is why i love love fall. the whole thing of it... what? anywho thanks for posting all those fun pictures! luci is to die for and I lOVE her. your camera took better pictures this time! i think you figured it out....good job.

  2. your comment on my blog was seriously the best! You sounds like a wonderful grandma.


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