Thursday, February 17, 2011

Birthday Blues

It was my birthday yesterday. I use to not care about them, but now days they won't let me forget them. It seems the birthday gifts I get now are not very appealing and sometimes they hurt. For instance, my thumbs hurt all the time now, arthritis I suppose, and my ankles and feet hurt all the time too. I certaintly didn't expect this to happen. I remember saying to myself when I was in my 40s, I said "self, I will never be so old that I complain about all my aches and pains and I will always stay active and busy till I drop dead". Seriously, I believe for some that is true, and for others, it's not meant to be. Growing old is quite a horrible thing and the only ones who truly understand that are the people who suffer the same fate. Because when you are young, you have the ignorant and silly belief that you have power over this part of your life and you simply won't let it happen. I do envy those friends who are "old", but don't have to work because they can exersize and nap and eat when they feel like it so it's a little more palatable, but everyone I know has to work and it's hard to keep up when you get "old". My family and friends have been good to me on this unhappydate and have at least given me some reason to smile through the horror of it all. I went to the Temple in the morning with some friends from Church and even though it was raining a lot, the day was beautiful and at some point in the day I was presented with a beautiful double rainbow. After the Temple, we had lunch at Fentons. We had their famous crab sandwiches. I had forgotten how delicious they were. I wish I could go back again today and have another one. We had fried zucchini and then we had icecream sundaes.mmmmmm!! When I got home Raquel and Kim took me to get a pedicure and then we went home and made pizzas. Back to birthdays, I'm not sure how it will go from here on out, but it doesn't look promising. Getting old is the pits, losing your job when you are old is even more painful. I know this is not a happy post and I'm being negative, but after all, I just had a birtday for crying out loud and it's beginning to get to me.

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