Friday, March 25, 2011

The Concert

Thursday afternoon, we traveled through heavy rain and wind to San Luis Obispo to hear the Gilroy/Christopher Choir perform in competition with other high Schools. Russ and Raquel invided me and David to go with them. Gilroy has a new High School called Christopher High School. Gilroy High and Christopher High have a combined Choir and they are fabulous. The Choir director, Mr. Rob, has been able to make being in the Choir "cool", so there are a lot of kids in the Choir. This really is an amazing Choir, and what an experience for these kids. There were only four high schools competing at this competition, but each high school had more than one choir competing. Gilroy / Christopher High School had a Concert Choir, a Men's Choir, and a Women's Choir and there was one high school that had a Treble Choir. As Anthony so humbly points out, Gilroy/Christopher was the only choir to receive a standing ovation (which they really did deserve.) The Concert Choir sang several songs, but one really got a standing ovation. It was an ethnic piece that started out with noises you would hear in a jungle, lots of noise, like birds calling, apes and monkeys chattering, and they made some noise with their hands that really sounded like birds flying through the concert hall. There were jungle drums and the choir danced and swayed and sang. It was really exciting and well done. The hall where they had the competition had really great acoustics to make this even better. Even though Anthony is technically not in High School yet, Eighth graders are invited to join the choir. So he is part of the Men's Choir. There he is in the middle, the one with glasses on. It was really fun. After the competition, we stopped on the way home and had dinner. We got home around 10:30pm and I couldn't go to sleep so Dave and I watched American Idol which we had recorded. I finally was tired enough to get to bed, but had a hard time getting up the next morning.

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