Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I am one of the lucky ones. I'm the grandmother to this little red head and best of all I live near her and get to spend time with her. She is sweet and clever and smart and most of all she is funny. And just so you don't miss out, I'm going to share some of her funny Luci-isms right here on my blog. Sunday I dropped by the Boninos to say hi and Luci comes running over to me yelling grandmaaaaaa!! and she hugs my legs. Just then Russ walks in the door and Luci in a very serious and solemn voice says to me as she points to him, "Grandma, this is Russell." and then she walks over to Russ and she points to me and she says, "Russell, this is Grandma." She was completely serious and polite. I guess she thought we forgot who we were. Seriously, my ears and my eyes and my mouth and my arms ache to hear, see, speak to, and hug all my grandchildren. That is my hearts desire. I miss them and miss their isms.


  1. They miss you too di! i hate living away from you hate it hate it hate it...
    i thought i was the only one that annoyed him by calling him russell...how funny is she!

  2. That Luci is so cleaver and funny!


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