Sunday, April 17, 2011

This and That

I made this sweater for Lydia and I can't wait for her to come to CA so I can give it to her. I'm worried that she won't like it. My grandchildren all have very strong opinions on what they will and will not wear. When my children were little all I had to do is throw on a shirt and pants and off they went, not really thinking about what they were wearing. But my grandchildren, well they care very much about what they wear and it's hard to keep up with their tastes in clothes. I probably soon will stop knitting for them because they will go through a stage where they will not want to wear hand knits. I just know it. Oh well, all the more knitting I can do for me. This is Finnigan (we call him finny), He was found wondering a country road. Every effort was made to contact the owner. Every door was knocked on and no one would claim him. Raquel has taken him in and he really has worked his way into everyone's heart. He has a personality that is a lot like Max's and he is really fun to hang out with. He has one glaring flaw and that is when you call him he doesn't come and when you try to go after him, he runs away because he thinks you are playing chase with him. He is going to need some training and I'm not sure any of us know how to do that. If any of you have some good ideas, let me know. He spends some time at our house because David loves him too. Seriously, look at that face. He just melts your heart and you love him even if you don't want to. He's small enough to carry around with you and he just trots along beside you when you go for a walk, but as soon as you try to pick him up, the chase is on. Help!!! Let me introduce you to Princess. Here she is lounging around on the Farmers desk. His desk is right behind mine and I'm not sure how he keeps track of all that paper work, but Princess doesn't care. She loves that it's there for her to snooze on. She comes in and jumps up on the desk and takes her morning bath and then goes to sleep. I'm telling you that this is an unique work place and you just have to roll with it. In case you were wondering, and I know you were, It's spring in California. It's hard to imagine why anyone would leave Calif to live someplace cold and or hot. Oh, yea, there's the budget, but even so, come springtime you just don't think about that. There is one drawback, here in Gilroy, there is wind through most of the days. It's not there at night or morning, but in the afternoon and evening, there is wind. This is what it looks like here in Gilroy right now.


  1. okay i am dying over 2, not the animals..cute but i'm not a pet lover... sorry

    i am dying over lydia's sweater !!! how a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e. you are so dang talented...! i want a sweater like that.
    and over the rolling green hills!!!!!!!!!!looks like paradise...the celestial kingdom!@! maybe that was too far...but really i want to move their asap!!! you are so so so lucky to live in cali!

  2. I Love Lydia's sweater and I'm sure she will love it too! I can't wait to meet Finny...he looks really cute!

  3. Lydia has no opinion on clothes. She loves everything! And she loves her sweater! Thank you again!


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