Sunday, March 25, 2012

Moving On

I have had trouble finding ways to express myself in this post.  Words are failing me.  I have been worried, sad, angry, hurt, and do you notice none of these words are positive.  I have been wallowing in my own misery and I did it far too long.  As I got closer to running out of money, I made decisions and then changed my mind at least a dozen times.  I prayed, fasted and thought until my brain was exhausted.   But truly, I have the most wonderful, patient, and loving family and they got me through it.   So what I want to say to all of you is:

 Thank you for putting up with my craziness and my emotional roller coaster decision making drama.  Thanks for offering me your homes and your love.  And thanks for your help, especially Russ, Raquel, Kim, Anthony & Jeremy who had to do most of the work.  Moving is hard and exhausting.  I'm old and useless so most of the work was done by them.  To begin with I had to separate everything into two bunches.  The bunch I would definately get rid of and the bunch I want to keep no matter what.  Then the bunch I wanted to keep had to be separated into two smaller bunches.  The bunch I would take with me to Kim's and the bunch I would store.  That was hard.  I ended up adding to the bunch I would get rid of over and over again.  But at least now when I die, none of you will have to go through a bunch of useless stuff.   We did have a garage sale and I was able to make a little money off of the better stuff.  I made about $500.00.  Below you can see the four mini dumpsters that took away all the stuff that was useless and who knows why I kept it in the first place.  It is amazing how much garbage I was living with. 
 This is what the old house looked like once all the "stuff" was gone.  There are things I will miss about this place.  The space for one.  I liked having a big kitchen and living room. Being close to Raquel and her family is another big one.  Having a room where company could stay in.  Being close to my job.  I won't miss the dust and soot.  I won't miss the lizards and rabbit carcases that Iris brought home. 
 This is a small sample of all the stuff I put in Kim's garage.  We've found space for some of it in her house, but I still got rid of more stuff once I got to her place.  Can you imagine!!  

Here is Kim's living room with most of my furniture.  She wasn't attached to what she had and she wanted me to be happy, so most of what you see is mine.   

This is my bedroom.  I haven't hung any pictures yet and there are baskets of "stuff" to find a place for, but it's comfortable and warm and cozy and I am happy with it. 

I get to climb these stairs every day to my room.   I keep telling myself,  "this is good for you, don't complain."

Iris didn't like the move much.  I know none of you believe me when I tell you I have a cat because she hates company and when you come, she is in hiding.  But here is proof.  The first two days she spent under Kim's bed.  Now she is out and about.  She is use to going outside during the day,  but now she is locked up in the house and she is bored.  She got into my knitting several times and now she is forbidden to go into my room where the yarn is.  She has also gained about five pounds and she looks like one of those bean bag stuffed animals. 


  1. i love you ..thank you so much for posting this! i want to be a part of your life and this post helped me feel that way and feel some of what you've been going through. the house looks so warm and cozy with your touches and stars! i love it. how great not to have to start fires anymore! :) i miss your house too though and 'our' guest room and the memories....
    i bet raquel is going to have a hard time with out you in the ward and not being just down the street...i wish we could have been there to help....what a project to get moved!!!

  2. I love Kim for being so good to you. The living room is super cute. I'm happy you're getting settled and thinking positive thoughts!


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