Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter

can you believe the first quarter of the year is over,  gone, 
and now we are in the 2nd quarter.  Is it just me, or do the 
years seem to be on the bullet train nowadays.  Anyway, 
we had Easter, I think, It went by so fast.  There were 
17 people around the table at Russ and Raquel's.  Well there 
were actually two tables.  It was lovely.  Raquel made these 
Easter Bunny buntings last year and they look so cute hanging around.  I want to make them, but I hate repeated projects and to make that many bunnies over and over again just sounds awful. 

Grandma Mary who is in her 90s came.  I love her.  
Look how great she looks.  She has a sharp sense of 
humor and she is fun to have around.

There is always something to snack on before we eat, 
and after we eat.  Kim and Vanessa snacking. 
Looks like sweet rolls.  yum!

There is always someone standing at the kitchen sink 
doing dishes. Right here it is Noni. 

Raquel had a little something burned from her nose.  She looks great anyway.  Thanks for sharing your home Raquel and Russ. 

The tables.  I'm so glad that Raquel made the door table.  It is perfect when we all get together.

There were two Easter Egg Hunts.  One before everyone got there because Luci just couldn't wait and one after Brunch before we went to church. 

           Jeremy found an egg while swinging on the swings.  
He is so clever (since he was the easter bunny to begin with)

                                            Ha Ha Ha Raquel enjoying the day.
                Russ with his toothpick legs and dark glasses.  He is the picture of spring.
            Yeaaa!  Max came

                      Luci was so cute and so fun.  She loved every minute and had a lot of fun.  Should any child get five easter baskets.  Yes, she got basket from everyone that came to Brunch.  I think she thought Easter was a holiday made especially for her.  I have to say she handles "spoiled" well.  She is very gracious and sweet. 

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  1. I just love that picture of Raquel laughing! That so represents her.


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