Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Once upon a time I went to South Carolina to visit Matt and and his family.   Here are some pictures to prove that I was there.  Well, guess what...........(scroll down)


................I'M GOING AGAIN.  Matt & Echo just could not live another day without seeing me, so they got me a Ticket to come so I could go with the family to the Temple when Jake takes out his endowments.  I'm so happy and so excited.  Echo could not get over the deal she got because all the airlines prices were generally in the $600 + range, but she found a ticket for $300 that flies right into Charleston.  We are pretty sure it was a Tender Mercy blessing because It's July and who gives such a deal in July.  Well whether it was a Tender Mercy or just a blessing, I'm so happy.  See you guys soon.  Love you.

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