Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's going on here

This is Kim's little kitchen and this is about all the working space there is.  You can see that Kim is painting her cupboards, one cupboard at a time.  I love the color.  It's in the same colorwork as the walls, but just a different intensity. 
Saturday, I made a lot of peanut brittle.  Last year I made my Christmas money selling peanut brittle at the Barn.  I started in November.  I'm starting early this year because I could use more money.  Like everyone else, I rasied my prices from $3.75 a bag to $4.50 a bag.  The cost of sugar and peanuts went up.  It's really yummy and it's good for you.  It has peanuts in it. 

I also made a lot of spaghetti sauce.  I took advantage of a truckload of tomatoes that spilled out onto the road.  It's my own recipe.
Just some basil and tomatoes, salt and pepper. 
I froze a bunch
I also made a Tomato Pie (recipe on Pinterest).  It's easy and so good.  Kim who usuall says that dinner was good or nothing at all said, "That was really really good"
I finished my wreath.  I made a mistake on the bottom part and had to cover it up with the white bow because I didn't have enough ribbon roses.  I like it anyway.  

 I also loved Women's Conference.  I'm going to watch it again today.  It was a very productive day.


  1. okay that is the darn'd cutest wreath i've EVER seen..did you say you found it in pinterest?? wow. i love how vibrant it is and i'm going to copy it right now. the paint helps brighten that kitchen so so much. LOVE it. it's home-ier now. :) i want to eat that pizza tonight...i mean tomato pie. can you fly here please and make it for me...and i want to can some goods before winter..haven't done a darn jar of anything! what a loser i am! move here and make me be better!!!

  2. The sun bakes our front door every afternoon and the stick on hook that holds the wreath couldn't take the heat so it all came down. Kim says the hmo won't let us put permanent things in the door. What to do???

  3. What about an over-the-door wreath hanger? That's what we use. You make me laugh -- peanut brittle is good for you because it has peanuts in it. =) I would buy some from you if I lived there. You should open a shipping part of your business. The wreath turned out really cute!

  4. Oh, and which cabinets are the painted ones? The white ones? How is she doing it? We want to paint ours white.

    1. They arn't white, they are creamy yellow. Just clean out one cupboard and paint it and then put everything back and do the next one. It doesn't take up so much time that way. You have to let the paint cure for a couple of days or the dishes stick. Good luck.


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