Thursday, December 13, 2012

 Where do I begin.  I wanted to post my trip from Thanksgiving, but it's such old news and I put some pictures on Facebook because there was a problem with my blog.  I guess it's been fixed by blog spot.  When I got back from Utah, there was a very big pile of work on my desk, but when I tried to input it into my computer, my computer gave up.  I finally got my boss to buy a new computer, but he wanted to order it on line instead of going to Best Buy and just buying it.  So I still don't have a computer.  I've been working on his computer at his home.  I can't describe the problems there, but it's been such a headache.  So that is the short version of why I havn't posted lately.  The long version would be so boring.  I first want to post pictures of Kim's new back patio.  
This is what it looked like before.  The framework underneath was so rotted that when you walked on it, it felt like you were walking on a Trampoline.
Here's what it looks like now.  Kim and Her Dad put it together.  It has a sand base with some kind of sand that you add water to after it's in the joints and it hardens.  
Kim designed it and Lee showed her how to install it, and she did a lot of the work herself.
It is so nice to walk out and not feel like a drunken sailer.  Good Job.
The last rain we had brought with it a bumper crop of mushrooms.  Everyone has them in their lawns and gardens right now.  

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