Sunday, August 26, 2007

Jake in California

We were lucky enough to have Jake spend a few days with his Northern California family in July. On one of those days we went to the Water Park. It was a warm and sunny day and it was crouded, but it was very fun. Anthony and Jeremy loved having their cousen here since they have no cousens near by. It was really a special treat.
This was Jake's favorite ride. It was called the toilet. I think that is self explanitory.
Jake has a good time no matter what he is doing. Here he is eating dots
Jake wanted me to go down the water slide and he would not stop pestering me until I said I would. You probably can't tell it's me because I'm thrashing around so I won't drown. I have to admit it was fun, but I don't think it was good for my image or my old bones.
Auntie Kim and Jake became best friends.

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