Monday, September 3, 2007

The long hot weekend

Yeaaaa!! a long weekend. It started out bad because my battery dropped dead and I locked my office keys in my office. I had an encounter with Tripple AAA to jump start my car and then the Battery was dead again. Super Russ to the rescue, he put a new battery into my car and I'm moble again. Russ is really good to me even though he does tease me so much sometimes that I could put a pillow over his face. I love him anyway. He is so busy with the farm and his own family, but he does take the time to rescue me when I need it. What would I do without him. I went to the Temple on Saturday with my Friend Ann Kelsch. It was such a beautiful summer day. We are in the middle of a hot spell and we get very close to triple digits and sometimes over into the hundreds every day. On the way home, we stopped for lunch and then we went to Trader Joes where we got plowed into by another car. Anne's brand new Honda Odyssey, only six months old, has a smashed in sliding door now. She was really upset. A lady backing out of her parking place did not even look behind her. She just came out pretty fast and slammed into us. She was driving a rental car. That was a bad ending to a perfect morning. Sunday, we had way over 100 Temple Riders at our ward, so Raquel and I decided to go to the MH Ward instead because I also had to give some keys to someone there. It was fun seeing old friends again. After Church, Jeremy came to grandma's house to spend the afternoon. We played games and watched "The Work and the Glory" volume 1. Jeremy liked the part where Joseph Smith fetches the Golden Plates and gets attacked. Somewhere in the middle I dozed off and Jeremy got my camera and took pictures of me sleeping. He actually took about 35 pictures of. When I woke up, we played Cherades and Jeremy made me laugh so much. It was a fun afternoon. Around 4 we went to Jeremy's house and had dinner. Tomorrow the contractors will be starting to build a new bedroom for Anthony and Jeremy so when the baby comes they will have a room for her/him. They had to move a lot of stuff out of the garage to make room for the bedroom. They have a big train car that they have converted into a storage unit to store stuff in. There is never enough space no matter how much you have. One more picture I thought you might enjoy. This is Iris and Ginger. Two stray cats we have adopted. They are having their "surgery" tomorrow. I hope they are and loving and sweet after as they are now.
I checked out Matt & Echo's blog. Lots of pictures, thanks
Love Mom/Grandma/Diane

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