Saturday, October 13, 2007

The New Room

I've been wanting to post pictures of Anthony and Jeremy's new bedroom ( formerly known as the garage ) for a while now. I thought it would be fun to show the progression of the project, but didn't get to it. The room is almost finished so I'm sending pictures of it now and I'll send some when it is completely finished. This pictures is where the garage door use to be. This is their bedroom windows at the front of the house. They won't have a garage any more, but they do have an old railroad car that they have converted into a storage area for the stuff they use to have in their garage.
Raquel tells me that she is tired of looking like "poor white trash" as they have been keeping their freezer on the front porch while the addition has been going on. I agree that it does look rather common. They have enlarged the size of their laundry room so the freezer will eventually find it's way back into the house. The laundry room now has cupboards and a counter to fold clothes on. It is really nice. The freezer will fit next to the Washer & Dryer. She also has an ironing board that folds down from the wall. They forgot who they were making this room for and so the ironing board is up around Raquel's neck. I guess Russ will have to stard doing the ironing.
The laundry room below was hard to
take a picture of because if I went straight on you would see into the kitchen again, but now all you see is a wall. Oh well just pretend that you understand. The picture is taken from the boys room. You can see a little bit of the kitchen in the doorway on the left and on the right you can see a little bit of the new counter top in the laundry room. On the left, past the kitchen door is where the washer and dryer and the freezer go. It's a lot bigger and it will give Raquel someplace to work and keep the mess in one place. Very nice.
This is the laundry room counter and cabinets on the right. The top is marble, but it is covered with paper right now to protect it while the cupboards are being painted.
Below is the same bedroom window that you saw from the outside in front. It has a window seat and cupboards and drawers below. The picture bottom left is opposit the window seat and you can see the door into the laundry room on the right.
Well that's about it. There is a very small bathroom also, but it's so small I can't get a good picture. Even though it is small, it has a shower, toilet and two sinks. All in all it is a very nice addition and the boys love it.

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  1. The ironing board is not excactly up by my neck..... It's a little higher than my stomache...(Boob area) There was some electrical in the way, they weren't really thinking it would be so high for me... I'm not complaining! My ironing basket will finally move out of my dining room! YEAH!


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