Sunday, October 28, 2007

Baby Shower

The shower was a big success. There were about 45 people that showed up and she got plenty of stuff to get her started. She got two porta cribs plus someone else gave her theirs from their baby, so now we have enough porta cribs for the lake this summer. Of course little girl baby clothes are so cute and she got a lot of those. It appears that brown is the new pink except that they mix it with pink, so she got a lot of brown and pink outfits. I took pictures, but I had the settings off again, so they are kind of blurry. Sorry
The People
The Presents

The Food
Bruce and Russ were the chaufeures for the night. Some people parked at my house and were chauferred up to Merissa's house which is about 1/4 of a mile away. Bruce and Russ are hilarious and should take their routine on the road. Thank goodness for them.
David and Vanessa came down for the Shower and the next day David, Vanessa, and I went to San Juan Bautista for the day. We went to this great hamberger place, really great. Vanessa knew about this place and it really was worth the trip. Across the street were these cute little shops that we went to and we shouldn't have. We had fun shopping our little hearts out and David was a really good sport and hauled all our treasures to the car for us. Check out this old farm gate I bought for a towel rack in my kitchen. $21.00 Thanksgiving is coming, can't wait, wish we could all celebrate together.
My house is all decorated for the fall, and needs some company. Come one, come all.

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  1. wanted to see more pics of rocky and her belly.....but i'll see her soon enough....that was a fun posting... thanx , it was fun to see the chaos at the shower...your gate is so great!!! can't wait to see you , you better get better!!! no more viruses..mindy


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