Saturday, January 19, 2008


This is what labor looks like now days. On Tuesday, Raquel thought she had bladder issues, but it turned out she was leaking amniotic fluid and Lucy was on her way. I think Lucy and Liam decided before they came that they were in a hurrey and they made a pact to come a month early. Lucy was suppose to come on Feb 6th, but she came three weeks early. She weighed 5lbs 14 oz and she was 17 inches long. She weighes 14 oz more than a five pound bag of sugar and she is just a s sweet.

Everyone is home now and doing well. The boys love their little sister and they love to hold her and sing to her. Lucy has a big task ahead of her to make gentlemen out of her brothers, but I think she is up to the task.


  1. She is gorgeous!!! What a sweet little thing she is. We are soo excited for you guys and we wish so bad that we could be there. Ruby and Liam can't wait to see there new little cousin.

  2. she is just darling and Racquel looks great. Congratulations to everyone and to Grandma Diane. It is just the best to be a grandma.

  3. I want to see pictures of her red hair!

  4. that wasn't that many pictures but i am so thankful you put some online...i was DYING to see her! what a beauty! i want to be there right now and hug do i cope , being so far away in frigid cold utah! thanks for the post/pictures but keep em coming! mindy

  5. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for Raquel and Russ FINALLY a little girl. Tell Raquel I said Hello. Aimee shared your blog with me so I could see the pictures of Lucy. It was nice to see all the pictures of the kids. Ryan and Marty all grown up with adorable children as well! Hope your doing good I miss the Wrights!!!


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