Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Here is my little Christmas tree I had this year. I thought it would be enough and I told everyone that I did not want a tree this year, but the truth is I really missed having a tree. I missed the smell of the evergreen and the tree all lit up, but I didn't miss the pine needles everywhere and putting the lights on the tree and then taking it down. I guess it was all right not to have a tree. Can you see my little tree on the table. It's made of wire. It was fun and it served the purpose, really. Here are all the presents that came from all of you. This was taken Christmas morning, before the fun began. I was the only one up, and I sat there thinking that I wish this moment could last forever. I love that time when it's quiet and the presents are all under the tree and it's like the moment gets frozen for just a just a little while and that is when it feels the most magical to me.
Here is how it looked after all the presents were opened. It looked this way all over the house now. We all loved everything we got. Here is my list.
Matt and Echo sent me a really nice flood light that will come on automatically when I drive up. This is exactly what I wanted because when I leave for work, it is so dark. There are no street lights and I have to gingerly pick my way down the steps to the car because if I turn on the porch light, it will stay on all day. And when I come home at night it will be especially nice because sometimes it takes me foreaver to find the key hole in the door let alone find the right key to get it in the key hole. Allie and Jake, thank you for the really fun Christmas decorations. I took a picture of them so everyone else could see how fun they are. Next year I will hang them in my windows. I love them
Kim gave me a beautiful purple, soft, plush robe with lavendar stars on it and lavendar slippers to match and some really nice smelly stuff from VS. I look quite gorgeous in it, and it's warm and soft. ( I actually look like a big fuzzy, purple grape in it ) But it is so soft and comfortable, I don't care how I look. I didn't think I could wear anything from VS, but this proves I can. I also got the pjs underneath from Raquel on Christmas Eve. She has kept up the tradition of giving everyone pjs for their Christmas eve gift. So the boys and Russ got pjs too and we all opened them on Christmas eve after we read the Christmas story. Raquel and I were both too tired to do anything really special, so we read the Christmas story and watched "Home Alone 2, Lost in New York City" I fell asleep and so did Raquel and Russ breifly. Kim and Raquel also gave me chair pads from William Sanoma to match the table cloth that Kim bought me last year.
Raquel and Russ were also good to me. Along with the PJs and chair pads, Russ gave me a really nice cast iron Calphalon cooking pot. He gave one
to Raquel too. It's one of my favorite gifts. Anthony & Jeremy gave me a knitting book and some yarn and a gift certificate for more yarn and a little felted bunny slipper kit so I could knit Lucy some slippers. One more thing, I got a new blow up bed like the one M & M have. Raquel and Russ said it was like sleeping on a real bed, so they wanted me to have one for all of you that come visiting, or we can take it to the lake.
In November, I was in Utah and We went shopping at Tai Pan. I love that store. I saw some stars that I loved, but I bought so many Christmas decorations that I didn't go back to get the stars. Mindy was very sneaky and bought them and got them into the car without me seeing them. I got them on Christmas day. Here is one hanging next to the window and the other one is on the other side of the window. They match perfectily with the candle sconces that Ryan and Becca gave me last year.
Ryan and Becca gave me these beautiful wall sconce lights for over my couch (I'm going blind and need the light to read and knit) Thank you so much. You can be sure I will be knitting Lydia lots of sweaters by the light of my beautiful wall sconces.
David and Vanessa gave me a really wonderful nativity set from Peru. Vanessa's mother brought it back on her last trip to Peru. They also gave me some really nice baby alpaca yarn in several colors and I already made a sweater for Lydia. It's in the mail as we speak. Let me know when you get it.
Well, that was Christmas day here at Grandma's house. It was very wonderful and now I'm left with the task of cleaning up the mess and putting Christmas away for another year. I took a few days off from work to get the job done, so I'm OK. Y"all have a wonderfull New Year.


  1. You got so many nice things! I love the nativity! I can't wait to get the sweater for Lydia. We have a picture of her with all her shoes from you on our blog.

  2. I miss California!!! We wish we could have been there this year. What fun!! You did get a lot of cool gifts this year. Mindy and I are booking our flight as soon as we can.

  3. i am jealous of your christmas!!! share the love!!!!!!!!!!!! we miss being there on xmas, can't wait to be there soon....mindy


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