Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Visit

I'm told by my visiting family that a quick stop at Super Taqueria on the way home from the airport is a must. It has become a tradition that we all love.
When Ruby got off the plane, she was all smiles, wait till you see how she looked the day she went home. She jumped into my car and gave me a big hug and told me everything that popped into her head. Truly it was wonderful to see her. Liam, who I should have taken more pictures of, had grown into a really big and very handsome boy. He does not raise much of a fuss and was happy just hanging out and smiling when you passed by or talked to him. Last time I saw him, he was a preemie and really little. I could not believe how big he was and he has an enormous head which I'm sure holds an emormous brain.
Here is the architect and the builder (who was David ) and the Sidewalk Super (who was Marty ). We cannot go to the beach with David without leaving a big sand castle behind for the waves to wash over. It's a labor of love for him and we love to see the finished castle. This wasn't his best, but it was cold and windy.
This is a picture of the Utah visitors as they looked at the beach. As I said, it was cold and windy and Ruby was attacked by a killer wave, so you might say it wasn't the most pleasant beach day, but what is a trip to California without a trip to the beach. Right?
Cousins Liam and Lucy get to know each other. Lucy got bored with the whole event and took a nap, but Liam was curious about everything that was going on.
On the last day of their visit Ruby reflected how we were all feeling - SAD. The visit was too short and the sun was too beautiful and they really needed to stay. We all wished the visit could have been longer or even permanent. Ruby was not in a great mood to begin with (ever since her experience with the wave ) and I want to believe it's because she did not want to go home, but it was probably more because she was tired and needed her own bed. I made Ruby a necklace of white buttons and we hugged and kissed and said goodbye until next time.


  1. Oh how I miss your family Sister Wright! Your pictures were fun to look at. I'm glad I found your blog through Glen & Aimee's blog. Can't wait until we're back in the sun in California. It snowed this morning, though not too much. If you reply to this and give me your email address, I will invite you to our blog...that is if you're interested in seeing it. :) Happy Easter! - Kimberly (Saul)

  2. I miss you! I wish we could have come too!

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