Sunday, April 27, 2008

Time out in Utah

Lydia and Ryan met me at the airport. At first she didn't know what to think about me, but she was polite and smiled a polite smile. As time went on she could not hold back and gave me her very best smiles whenever I smiled at her. I brought Lydia this blue dress which she wore on Sunday to church. She got half way through Sacrament meeting and had what was referred to as a "blowout" and had to be taken out and when she came back in she was wearing a pair of pants and a tee shirt. Way to go Lydia. She really did look adorable in her blue dress. Later, the cousens showed up. What fun!!!
Here is Liam and his mom having a little one on one time. Liam was shocked at how big his mom's tongue was. It was hard to believe. Some times we find out things that are better off not known.
Ruby danced and played the piano for us and she tried very hard to turn all of us into princesses with my knitting needle alias magic wand.
One day Becca, Lydia, and I went to Gardner village. The weather was perfect, and it is always fun to go to Gardner Village. I got to go to a great knitting shop, and I bought Raquel's birthday present at another shop. I love to look at the furniture in the Mill area. Lydia got tired of the whole thing, so we left there and met Marty, Mindy, Ruby, and Liam at the park.
Liam looked quite dapper in his golf hat and plaid onesy.
Later, we went to lunch at Cafe Rio. When you come to California, we go to Super Taqueria, but when I go to Utah, we go to Cafe Rio. Lydia seem to enjoy sucking her Daddy's thumb the whole time.
Then home to celebrate Ryan's birthday a week late. Becca made the best cake. In Utah, they call it "Better Than Sex" Cake. I wouldn't know about that, but I do know the cake was really good. I made two of them when I got home for Raquel's birthday.
The trip was short, but definately worth it. We really had as much fun as a family can have in 3 days. Thanks family for making my trip so much fun.


  1. Hi Sis. Wright! I need your email address to invite you to our blog, which I of course want to do. :) Email me with your email address and I will send you an invite lickitty split. (
    Looks like you had fun in Utah. It's fun to see Ryan as a dad. :)

  2. You are so funny! These pictures are great...all except the one of me. My arm looks like it weighs 1000 pounds all by itself.

  3. Hey watch what you say about the size of my french kisser...wait you wouldn't know about that , either do I actually... I love this post so fun to see the pictures makes it look like you had a great time...did you? Probably more so than you would have if you'd stayed down at our house in O-town... we'd be much more boring and not as accomodating (sp?) anywho...i also love the faces lydia and liam pull they are so dang adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!


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