Sunday, June 22, 2008


I said goodbye to my old computer and am now the proud owner of an All In One Apple. I'm a total convert. It's not only beautiful, but mostly wireless. No more unsightly confusion of wires lurking around the back of my computer. The screen is huge and the graphics are unimaginable. You have to see it to believe it. Vanessa is a genius when it comes to computers. She and David came this weekend and we (she) got me set up in no time. She taught me a bunch of stuff that was deleted from my brain while I slept, so I'm going to have to ask her again. She really is amazing when it comes to computers. She's amazing anyway, but she really knows her stuff with computers, especially Apple. David and Vanessa also made an announcement. No, she is not pregnant. They are going to have a wedding. When they got married two years ago, no one was there to witness it and share in their wonderful day. So on their 2nd anniversary, they have decided to have a wedding and invite the family and a few friends. They are going to ask a family member to perform the ceremony. The wedding will be in October. So keep that in mind. It would be nice to have whoever can come. We are in the middle of a heat wave here in California. Southern CA is worse, but we have triple diget temperatures and a lot of fires. Yesterday afternoon David and Lucy and I sat on the porch and watched thunder an lightening crash all around us. The lightning evidently started several fires in the foothills above us toward the ocean. At night the sky was glowing orange above the hills. It was really eerie and this morning you could smell the smoke. I havn't checked the news to see what is going on, but it looks to me like it is still burning. We have had so many fires lately that it seems like it is part of California life. The firemen have had to work in the heat with no time to recupe before the next fire. It is so hard to become a fireman so those who are there really wanted to be there, but I can't imagine a harder job. All the gear they have to wear and the equipment they have to wrestle with and the heat. It doesn't sound like fun to me. I havn't blogged for a while because it was such a chore with my old computer, so here are some recent picutures. I think Jeremy looks like a blond Elvis Presley here. Look at those lips and the sideburns. Everyone is always trying to get Jeremy to cut his hair, but he loves it long. Saturday just before the thunder and lightening, Jeremy and I were sitting around talking. I told Jeremy if he would let David cut his hair on the sides and back, I would get him any game he wanted for his Nintendo DS. He agreed. Here is what happened next:David cuts his own hair. Never goes to a barber. He says it's always a work in progress and every day, "snip snip". He always looks good. Jeremy gave it the thumbs down before he even looked in the mirror. I told him he looked like a "real boy" now. He doesn't care what I think, but he is excited to get his new game. We are going shopping tomorrow after work.

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  1. The boys are getting so big... sad.

    You should go to my sister-in-law's website, She's giving away art smocks and art supplies this week if you leave a comment. Raquel should comment too.


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