Monday, May 26, 2008

Summit Fire

The big news around here has been the "Summit Fire" which has burned over 3,840 acres in the Santa Cruz Mountains and destroyed 20 residences, and more than 20 other structures. There have been 2,886 firefighters fighting this fire since Thursday of last week. The base for the fire is here in Gilroy. They set up a fire camp at Christmas Hill Park where they hold the Garlic Festival every year. Forklifts, air conditioners, tents, toilets, floodlights and hundreds of cases of water and Gatorade were delivered there on Thursday. Can you imagine the cost to feed these guys. At least 1,500 firefighters will eat and sleep at the camp through the weekend. A gaggle of heliopters could be seen at the San Martin Airport loading up on fire retardent. Evidently everyone wanted to watch because the freeway was crawling, literally, so it was like a parking lot instead of a freeway. The fire is about three miles from Coralitas where our electrician lives ( contractor for my job ). He has a home there on 15 acres and I was very concerned for him. Also one of my PFRs (Physical Facility Reps) has a home up on the ridge and the sad thing is that 4 years ago he lost his house to fire and just rebuilt. So far he is OK. This is what our air looks like most days now. We can smell the smoke and the ash leaves residue. The air quality is bad here. Today I read that the fire is 60% contained. I'm sure a lot to do with the foggy, cold weather which has really helped the fire fighters and I'm sure saved the town of Coralitas. You can see more information by typing Summit Fire in your google search.


  1. Scary! What is happening to our world?

  2. Hello. We just spent memorial day in Santa Cruz and were worried about the fire but is stayed far away from us. We had a great trip. How are you doing? Do you have David's email address?


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