Saturday, July 19, 2008

All about Anthony

Anthony played the trumpet in his school band. I recently went to his year end concert where I got to hear first hand how good he is. There were a trillion bands and a katrillion kids and their parents, but when the music started you forgot about the crowd and just listened to these wonderful kids playing like they knew what they were doing. It was quite inspirational. Here is Raquel and Jeremy and me enjoying all the sights and sounds. Good Job Anthony!!! It was out of this world!!!!!! I know this is late, but I can't seem to get everything done. I'm not that busy, but I am old. Anyway. Here is some pictures I took at Anthony's graduation from elementary school to Jr. High. It was an exciting day for him and we were very proud of him. He made Silver on the President's List which means he did really good. I got to leave work and go to the ceremony and it was a beautiful day. Here are some of his pictures. I decided to put a pictures of Katelyn Visnaw in here too because after all her mother is practically my third daughter.

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  1. What? Since when did he start playing the trumpet? That is one talented kiddo!


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