Saturday, July 19, 2008

The fourth at the Lake

Most of you have visited Dave & Vanessa's blog and have seen our lake experience. But here are a few pictures from my camera. Here is Russ when he first got to the Lake. Not a pretty sight. Much better!!!! After a couple of days, we finally got our old Russ back. I think they should move up there permanently and open a Taco Bell. LUCY CAN STAND!!!(if she is leaning on the couch, still pretty good for someone only five months old.) The Lake always means handsome guys: and pretty girls: and sunburn!!! Here we find Russ and Lucy discussing what they want to do today. They decided to just hang out and enjoy each other.


  1. My blog never looks the way I lay it out, so sorry for the confusion in the pictures. I spent way too much time trying to get it right and that's why I hate blogging!!!!!

  2. ahhh, we need to do slideshows... much easier. i can help you do them with Picasa, very simple!


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