Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Broken Key

On Friday, Kim had an epiphamy. This was not one that she was looking for or wanting, but none the less it was life changing. Her car key broke in half. So she did what any enterprizing women would do, she super-glued it back together and drove home from work. On her way home she stopped at Star Bucks and when she came out, her key was only half a key and she did not know where the other half was. She had locked her car when she went into star bucks, so she couldn't get back into her car to see if the other half was still in the ignition. What to do.....?? She had the car towed to the Ford Dealership in Morgan Hill and they told her that it would cost about $200 to have a new key with the electronic chip in it made. OK, she had to have a key so she told them to make one. In a little while they called her again and told her that Ford no longer has the chip for her car because it is so old. They would have to put in a new ignition and it would cost over $900,...because her key broke and she needed a key!!!! Now Kim is one of those people that makes a decision and no one can talk her out of it. She decided right then and there that she was through putting money into this car and she was going to buy a new car. As soon as I got home from work I took her to the Ford Dealership and she began test driving cars. She liked the Fusion so she test drove a 4 cylinder and a 6 cylinder. She fell in love with the six cylinder with all leather seats and a moon roof. She signed on the dotted line and now she is the proud owner of a new Ford Fusion with a moon roof, 6 disc CD player, voice activated phone, serius radio, and more. It's roomy, and as Raquel says, it's a 'grown up" car. Kim's salesman was from England and he had a great English Accent. His name is Steve. He was happy to have a sale in these bleak times and Kim is happy to have a new car.


  1. What a fun car. I have driven one and it is fantastic. I am very excited. More about steve than anything :) just kidding.
    -Ryan to the Wrizzight

  2. Oh my! I am jealous because I am driving a piece of junk mazda that is 10 years old and falling apart, I can't wait to get a new one. Maybe I will check out the fusion.

    drive it to the lake!

    Love your brother


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