Monday, January 19, 2009


HOORAY!!!!, Lucy had her first birthday!!! OK, before you call child protective services, no one hit Lucy in the eye. She got into some soap and got it in her eye and rubbed her eye real good before Raquel could get to her, so she has a little chemical burn on her eye. She also had an ear infection on her birthday, so she looks a little ragged, but happy. Whenever she does anything that she feels is special, she claps her hands together and shouts hooray. There was lots of family there to help her celebrate including her great grandma Mary (Judy's Mom and her other great grandma, Noni #1, and Noni #2 and grandpa Bonino, and her Auntie Elaine, Louie's sister. and of course me, Grandma Diane, Auntie Kim. Russ made Chicken Stew and Polenta for dinner and it was so Yummy. I love the gravy that he makes with that. We made a salad to round off the dinner. There were lots of presents because there were lots of family there. She got two strollers and I wish I had pictures of her with her strollers, but my battery died half way through the party. She loves pushing her little stroller around. She got that one from her Mommy and Daddy, but she got another doll stroller that was a little bigger, and she thinks that one is for her and she climbs into it and has someone push her around. I think these were her favorite gifts. She got a lot of clothes and a baby doll. Really, it seemed that she like the paper wrappings the best. Noni gave her a baby bracelet that was Noni's when she was a baby. I thought that was the most special gift. A real heirloom. Of course Lucy didn't appreciate it. She wanted to take it off and play with it. Take good care of that Lucy and one day you can give it to your own baby girl or even a granddaughter. It's a very special gift. There was cake!!!! One very big giant cupcake for Lucy and the rest of us got pretty little cupcakes. The cupcakes were from "Cupcakes by Raquel" Very good!!! Lucy was not too sure what to do with her big cupcake. eventually she gave it a try, but she seemed to wear more than she ate. She was really tired by now and she became a little silly. You can ask her all you want where her eyes and ears are, but she plays dumb, but if you ask her where her tongue is, well that's a different story.

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  1. luci's lookin a bit on the scary side...what a cute cake thought....nice going raquel...


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