Thursday, January 22, 2009

The World is Still Wonderful

Here's what happened: I went to the store after work on Friday and then I drove home and unloaded my groceries. While I was putting the groceries away there was a knock on the door. Now as you know, I live out in the country and no one ever comes knocking. With a little trepedation I opened the door. There stood a stranger, a man. He asked me if my name was Debbie. I said "no". He paused and then asked me if I had lost a purse. A light went on and I quickly thought about my little striped pouch that I had put in the grocery cart while I was putting the groceries into my car. I described the purse to him and he gave it to me and said that he saw that it had a wad of cash in it. He thought if he turned it into the store, that the cash may disappear so he found my address on my check book and tracked me down. I tried to give him some money but he wouldn't take it. I asked his name and he said "Dave". He left and I thought how awsome he was because he could have taken the money and run, or he could have done the honest thing and just turned it into the manager at the store, but he did the caring thing and protected the contents and found the owner. See, there are still really good, honest, caring people in the world. I wish I could say Thank you again. I think I was in shock and I don't think I showed enough enthusiasm in my gratitude that night. I did say a prayer for him.

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  1. who's debbie, though, I think you took what wasn't yours?!! the world's not as great a you think if you out stealing poor debbie's things...


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