Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where is the morning sun

This is what it looks like outside my window. And it's what it has looked like almost all summer. What has happened to those beautiful crisp sunny summer mornings of sunshine, birds singing, and euphoria. I miss them. Right now it's hard to tell if this is fog or smoke. What is known as the "Lockheed Fire" is burning out of control in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The smoke is not only visable here in Gilroy, but you can smell the aroma of burning leaves and wood. It's a smell I have always loved because when I was young way back when, we were allowed to burn our yard waste and somehow that smell brings back fond memories of those days doing yard work and burning the leaves. Now when I smell that kind of smell, it usually means something terrible and something bad. They call it the "Lockheed Fire" because it is near the Lockheed compound in the Santa Cruz Mountains which also means that it is near Camp Lehi owned by the Church. Yesterday we learned from the director at Camp Lehi that the fire had actually overtaken the area where the camp was but because the fire department had surrounded the area because of Lockheed, none of the out buildings at the camp were burned. That was as of yesterday, but I don't know about today yet. There is a little community that is about a mile from the fire called Bonny Doone. It is a community of artists and musicians mostly and others who love living in that kind of community. They have all been evacuated from their homes. That must be hard to try to figure out what to take and leaving without any idea if you will have a home when you come back. I feel so much for those people. I pray that they will have homes to come back to.

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