Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hoo Ray for Ryan

OK, I copied and pasted this from Becca's Blog because she said it so well and some of you may not read everyone's blog (even though you should). We are all very proud of Ryan and not just for doing so well on his test, but for so much more. Look at him, he's lot weight too.
Dear Handsome Hubby, I am so proud of you for passing your insanely hard test at work. And not only passing, but getting the second highest score EVER on one of the most difficult sections. Remember your first test with the company? How you also got the second highest score in Utah and Idaho EVER? A 98% Do you think I’m bragging? You bet I am. These test scores are unheard of in your history. ADHD has robbed you of an easy academic time. Most people don’t understand ADHD. They think it’s a funny joke. If somebody is a little spacey for a minute, a little forgetful for a minute, or a little extra hyper, you can be sure to hear a silly joke about that person having ADHD, whether it’s the truth or not. But ADHD is not just being a little spacey for a minute. ADHD is serious stuff. It inhibits your abilities. And then it makes you feel like you don’t have any abilities. It makes you wonder if you should even try. And I’m so proud of you for deciding to try. I’m so proud of you for studying so hard. I’m so proud of you for grabbing ADHD by the earlobes, kicking it in the back, and knocking it down. You sure showed ADHD with your high scores (higher than your peers- have I mentioned that yet?). With God’s help, we can turn our weaknesses into strengths. Thank you for showing me this principle in action. I am now motivated to turn my character flaws into character ahhhs. (Should I start with my joke making?) Since you have proven (TWICE) that overcoming weaknesses and actually turning them into strengths is not only a possibility, but a reality, I know it can be done. Love, Me P.S. I must apologize for celebrating your amazing achievements with poorly made construction paper banners. You must know you are worth so much more.

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