Sunday, December 6, 2009

The first three days, I stayed with Marty & Mindy. They have the most comfortable blow up bed I have ever slept on. It loses air during the night, but not much and it's very comfortable the whole night long. I slept so good. Sometimes in the morning there was a little knock on my door and I would open it and there would be Ruby and Liam. Sometimes we just hung out and sometimes we.....watched movies, sometimes we watched Mindy excersize. Sometimes we played dress up or read books and ...... when no one was looking we snuck cookies out of the cookie bag. Ruby helped me make pies and the most awful thing kept following me around. You can see it pretty good in this picture. It scares me when I see it in a picture.


  1. okay....did you SERIOUSLY post that picture of me on the contraption....?! I thought we agreed NO sharing of that horrid picture! ughhh....

    And you are so funny about that awful thing following you around...i didn't even know what you were talking about for the longest time I kept staring at the picture looking for liam's head or a mouse or something...cuz we do have mice btw....thought I'd tell ya now and not before ....he he

  2. crack me up...i've told this little story at my excersize group...they all laughed so have such a great sense of humor!

  3. are such a hottie!


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