Sunday, December 6, 2009

Every year we start in October thinking about what we will do for Thanksgiving. We pour over magazines and watch the Today Show to see if we can come up with something really spectacular and special, a new Recipe. It's not that there arn't plenty of ideas presented for the whole month of November on every talk show and every magazine, but we just are not sure. We contemplate how we will decorate, and the table setting. What about dessert. There has to be Pumpkin Pie. There has to be sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce, even if no one eats it. It's Tradition. But, we still want to do something a little different. But you can't remove Tradition so we have Turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes, rolls, something green, sparkling cider, and cranberry sauce. And it is wonderful and we are really glad for Tradition The guests arrived (sorry Allie, I didn't take a picture of you but here you are, the belle of the ball ) The house was decorated The Table was set We ate and there are no pictures because I was busy eating.


  1. Tradition is wonderful. I'm so glad you could be here.

  2. Becca really does decorate cute! I was very impressed also...she made it so homey and warm...

    That is a great picture of ruby ...her hair looks crazy along with her expression...

    we had such a great time and the kids LOVED having you here...thank you so much for coming... I'm glad you enjoyed it as well. loves...


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