Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

For Valentines Day A great scene of modern grace on '30 Rock' the other day: Liz and Jack went out to dinner at a very chic restaurant. As they sat down at the table, Jack immediately moved the candle from the center of the setting to the side of the table. Liz looked at him kinda funny, not understanding why he did that but, not really caring either. Later, however, when Liz reached across the table to steal some of Jack's food (as she always does), she realized he moved the candle so her sleeve wouldn't catch fire when she reached across the table. Jack's manner and grace were so attuned to her as a friend, that he knew her moves before she did. That tiny gesture ended up becoming the pivotal moment of the episode and changed the course of their business relationship. I'm telling you guys again, women notice the small stuff. They notice the gentleness and tenderness. Our biggest obsession in life should be to know how to make those we love happier and feel more loved. It is not more stuff or more me, but more love, compassion, tenderness, sweetness, and more giving. Happy Valentines Day to all of you that I love.

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  1. I thoroughly approve this post- using 30 Rock for life lessons is a favorite pastime of mine! Loved that episode!


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