Sunday, January 17, 2010

Piano Recital and Birtday Parties

On Saturday we had a really busy and fun day. We started out by going to Anthony and Jeremy's Piano recital. There were a lot of students, but we managed to get through it in one hour. Joanne, the teacher is a dear. She tries so hard to push her students into playing better. She is patient with them and puts up with a lot of excuses and just keeps trying. She has worked at the Music Tree for many years. Anthony and Jeremy played very well. I was proud of them at the recital. There were a couple of students that were outstanding and I really enjoyed the recital. Noni and Papa and Brent and Aunt Elain came too. This is not a good picture, but I didn't want to use my flash. Jeremy playing his piece. Can you see Anthony and Jeremy with some of the other piano students? After the piano recital we all gathered at the Boninos to celebrate Lucy's 2nd birthday. Lucy's been on earth for two years and oh my has it be a fabulous two years. She has brightened our world and brought joy to all of us. Happy Birthday Lucy. The family gathered and food was prepared. We had the best barbecued hamburgers and salad and chips and lots of other wonderful treats. Lucy ate her hamburger and loved it. By the time we got around to opening presents, it was nap time and Lucy announced that she wanted a nap. With a little coaxing we got her to open her presents. She was a little overwhelmed, but the presents kept coming. More than I could show here, but let it be known that there were lots of adorable clothes, tea sets, books, dolls, etc. Could this possibly mean that Lucy might be a wee bit spoiled. We ended the party the way all good parties should end, with cake!!! There were two butterfly birthday cakes, one decorated mostly by Lucy and one decorated by Raquel. It's hard to tell whoes is whoes isn't it? They are both very creative.


  1. I so loved all the pictures! I agree., Luci is spoiled, but a cute spoiled! how could she not be...just look at her and you want to spoil her!
    The food looks awesome! I want to move there just to eat with you.!!! New years day looked so fun...phils fish market is a yummy joint....!

  2. I wish I can see Luci so bad but she is across the country.It seems like you guys had a lot of fun. Look at my blog please. I did a lot of changes.


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