Friday, May 7, 2010

The Best of Times

Part I, The Best of Times......A long time ago, there was the best of times. The 70's...We lived in San Jose on Englewood Drive. We had a pool and eleven different kinds of fruit trees. We had a wonderful garden, a trampoline, a fabulous swing, wonderful friends and it really was the best of times and I knew it then and I thought it would last forever. I loved being a mother and a wife. I loved my garden. In the fall I would can cherries and plumbs and apricots and we picked almonds and dried them. Around November we picked the best oranges....great big Texas Navel Oranges that were the sweetest and juiciest ever. All summer long we swam and played in the pool as a family and with friends. There were pool parties which drove Jenny and Jody's dad crazy. He even called the police once. The banners, the Closes and us would take several trips into San Francisco every summer where we usually caught the Ferry and went to Angel's Island. I have a great story about a submarine on one of those visit, but then you have all heard that story before. Sometimes we wandered around the city, mostly Pier 39. We went to museums and art galleries and the beach. We all went camping once with the Banners, Closes, and others. On New Years we always had a big party with all our friends and played games and ate and laughed. It was just the grownups, and it was a very special tradition that was so much fun. I painted and wall papered to my hearts content. I sewed and quilted and baked and loved it all. Maybe I had too many projects and didn't make enough time for more important things. That would be my only regret. I love thinking about those days. I can't imagine a more perfect time, or a better family or more wonderful friends than we had then. I will never understand why it had to end.


  1. i wish i had known those times with you...but i love you now, if that makes any difference. i think you are an outstanding, strong person. i look up to you alot.

    did you see the kiddos in the tub on my blog? and the pic of liam with the is classic.

  2. I think the key is that you knew it was perfect at that time and you enjoyed it while you had it. Somebody else may not have taken the time to understand how happy they were in the moment.


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