Sunday, May 23, 2010

Part II The Worst of Times

I tried to write about this subject, but I couldn't find a way to start it and It was not fun to think about. I decided that the experiences were better left unsaid, but what happened to me because of my experiences in part II would be easier to write about and easier to read about. Everyone has a part II in their life. Whatever happens in part II should teach us something positive. Part II in everyone's life should help them stretch and grow and become a better person. Some of the things I learned from Part II is that the Atonement is the most important gift from our Heavenly Father and it is very real. I have learned that the Atonement comes wrapped in layers and as we experience the different chapters of part II, we unwrap the layers of the gift and find strength and humility and patience and so many other treasures in each layer. Some people never try to open the gift and it is there for them, unopened. When this happens, the part II of their life leaves them bitter and angry and sad. I learned that there really are miracles, most of them very small and if we don't pay attention we may not see them as miracles. These are the "tender mercies" that we hear other's talk about. I learned that my family is the most important thing I have on this earth and I love them so much sometimes it makes me a little crazy and I'm sorry for that. I hope they will forgive me. There are lots of other things that I have learned, some of them too personal to write here. So, the worst of times can really lead to the best of times. If you want to read about the worst of times, then get "A Tale of Two Cities" because I don't think I will ever write about them in my life.

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