Saturday, June 12, 2010


Life is full of transitions. It seems at different times and for different reasons someone is transitioning. Sometimes the transition is fun and exciting and sometimes it is hard. Jeremy is transitioning in a very fun and exciting way. I took the morning off on Friday and attended Jeremy's sixth grade graduation. It was a bright sunny day, but there was a cold wind blowing and we were cold but happy with the event. It's hard to imagine Jeremy will be in Jr High Next year although he definately has the Jr. High attitude right now. As their names were called and they went up to get their certtificate, the audience including the sixth graders would cheer loudly for the person that was being announced. There were some that got louder and longer cheers and whistles and Jeremy was one of them so I can only think that he is very well liked at his school. Jeremy is like his mother was at that age. He loves to socialize and he loves to talk, and he has a great sense of humor with perfect timing. He really is a lot of fun to be around. Just look at that sweet and oh so innocent face with those sexy Elvis lips and those big blue eyes.I don't believe I've seen Jeremy in anything but plaid shirts. He loves plaid shirts. He loves Skyler, his best friend, and he loves his grandma and I love him.


  1. except ot was 5th grade graduation....weird that they go into jr. high in 6th grade these days...

  2. It's a wonder you even passed 5th grade since you don't even know how to spell "it".


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