Saturday, November 27, 2010


We still have the tradition of writing what we are thankful for on the Table Cloth. I love this tradition. I love reading what was written in the years past. Somewhere we still have the original tablecloth with our writings back when Matt and Kim and Raquel were just kids and the Banners and The Closes and the Randal's wrote on it. How fun to read these doodles and rememberances. I can't help but smile. As I read what my family is grateful for it just fills me with wonder and joy. I am grateful for my wonderful family and friends old and new. This is what our table looked like before the feast began. It was beautiful. Jeremy made napkin holders out of ribbons and big leaves. The leaves had our names on them so we each had our own place to sit. When Raquel lit the candles I felt like I just needed to hold my breath for a minute. It seemed that nothing could ever be so beautiful ever again. A table setting so awsome, a family so blessed, so much abundance to be grateful for. I guess that is what Thanksgiving is for, to remind us how blessed we are and to let us enjoy for this day that we are "lucky" indeed. We ate appetizers all morning which was a lot of fun and so so good. There is a downside to these oh so deliceous tidbits. When it's Turkey time you are not that hungry. I still think it's worth it. I just have to get that avacado crab dip recipe from Judy. There was also brei with jalapeno hot pepper jelly on top and pickled shrimp. I could have been happy with just appetizers for Thanksgiving, but there was so much more to enjoy. Kim took most of these pictures with her camera and I think she got involved during the meal and forgot to take pictures. This was my view of Thanksgiving this year. I've come to enjoy and even cherish this view. It's great to eat a meal with a bunch of people that you love and not have to do all the work.

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  1. that really is a beatiful table!! wow i am so impressed with raquel AND jeremy. everything looks and sounds soooo good. so so jealous i want to be there so bad for a thanksgiving one year. i will someday you better believe it.! I love you for your guts. mindy


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